Access Ambassadors CIC

The principle element of the design brief was to be an exemplar for accessible websites

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BigDogWebs ensured strict adherance to accessibilty guidelines


Each page passes W3C standards for HTML5 and CSS3. Visual tests were also made to ensure content is accessible to individuals with a sight impairment. In addition, the site has a responsive template that caters for a range of devices, platforms, operating systems and screen sizes.

Content Management System

Site Administrators are able to use the bespoke CMS to manage training courses, job alerts and online and downloadable resources.

BigDogWebs developed a bespoke content management system
Bigdgowebs developed interactive visitor features

Interactive Course Options

Payment for courses is made possible by linking to Paypal. Administrators are able to apply time-based discounts and offer flexible pay arrangements, which are made options to consumers.