Meet the big dog!

Well that might be tricky, but meet the freelance web master behind the logo, who’s passion is creating modern, responsive websites, built to your specific needs to really show off your business.

About me

My name is Chris, and Bigdogwebs is my creation. I am a  freelance web designer, developer and training, based in Milton Keynes, UK.

I have a passion for working with individuals and business who want a better presence on the web. I enjoy working closely with clients, to fully understand the passion they have for their enterprise, and using that to create a web site to be proud of.

 I am happy to work with start ups as well as established businesses and organisations. Maybe you already have a website, but feel it’s a bit dated, or you want to get the most out  of an increasing online community.

For more information about the services I can provide, head over to the services page.

What’s this ‘big dog’ thing about, then?

The ‘big dog’ in question, was our first pet Boxer dog, who was big…for a Boxer. Straightforward, really – just like the way I look at the web industry.

What’s the aim of Bigdogwebs?

There are lots of acronyms and technologies that are linked to the web, but my goal is to make these as accessible to you as possible. If you cut away the jargon, developing your web presence can be an even more exciting project!


I have been involved in the web industry longer than Google and I have a wealth of knowledge and experience from both an industry perspective and an academic one. I work in web development, but I am also adept at design and multimedia processes, working with images, audio and video. Not only do I have extensive knowledge of the web industry, but I’m also a Microsoft Master Instructor and I have certification from Adobe as well.

Bigdogwebs, the Microsoft Office Specialist Master Instructor

When it comes to training, I have created, delivered and assessed school, college and degree curriculums, as well as in house training courses for colleagues and fee-paying delegates. So when I point you in the direction of training, you know it’s worth while.

Would you like to be part of something special?